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Han Chun Li

Han chun li

Han was the only son of 2 ruthless merchants. His parents were really in it for the money, and always tried to squeeze the last Bronze piece out of their clients. As a young child, Han already knew he didn’t want to be this way. As he grew up, he became more and more repulsed by the way of working of his parents. And at the age of 16, he fleed his home, swearing off his life of luxury he was living in for the last 16 years, and becoming a beggar in the streets.

After a few months, he became intrigued by the monks who sometimes visited the village to get some supplies. At first, he didn’t dare to approach them, but a few months later, they saw him looking at them and they came up to talk with him. Soon after, he joined the monastery, where he learned the ways of the monk.

Now, 9 years later, he has grown up and is ready to explore the world, while still keeping the promise he made when he was 16 to swear off all kinds of luxury and to help the poor and innocent in the back of his mind.




Li stands tall against most men with a lean frame of tight sinewy muscles. His hair is kept in a long braid that runs down to just above his butt. He has several scars across his body none are disfiguring, but discering definitely. He wars fitted robes in motted patches of colors to allow him to blend into his surroundings easily. His boots are worn, but made of a specially treated leather to cusion his steps and dampen the noise they make. In the center of his forehead a small stone is embedded that aids in his meditation. He wears clear lenses of crafted glass to enhance his vision.


Li is a joker when there is time to relax, but in battle he is a serious and decisive fighter. He will fight in mele or range to the best of his ability to swiftly end an enemy and regain the peace of his surroundings. He tempers his efficiency with mercy when it is allowed and will only kill those that leave him no choice and who openly intend to kill him.


Li was born a bit differently than the other children around him. His mind seemed to advance on certain subjects and concepts beyond what the monks taught and practiced. He decided to keep it to himself and harness this ability in secret over years. It has now culminated in a tangible force around his skin to stop blows from harming him. Most of the monks view it as a reward from the heavens for his devotion to training his mind and body so diligently.

As a young man he was sent away on a long journey to escort a caravan of fey back to their home in distant woods. He was quiet and dutiful in his mission, as he saw it a test of his abilities and honor. It was a shame he didn’t also see the test for his hormones. Over the months he began to become quite friendly and personable with the caravan leader’s niece. They grew together into a puppy love of sorts that ended in physical culmination long before the trek was done. She grew very fond of him and blessed him so that she could always watch over and protect him. Unfortunately, her uncle found out about their union and tried to kill Li. He fought in self-defense, but ended up fleeing with numerous scars to his face and arms. In his dash through the wilderness, he never stopped to treat them, and because of this they are now a permanent reminder of his lost love and shame.

He returned to the monastery, and burried himself completely in training every weapon and drill he could. He worked himself to the brink these past few years to prepair for battle and to never need to run away again from his duty, honor, or attachments.

Necahual & Coanacoch


Necahual (22) and Coanacoch (19) are brother and sister monks that served a temple to Quetzlcoatl in their home of the Amedio Jungle. They were trained at an early age. Their family has long served the Feathered Serpent, and was blessed many generations ago with the ability to survive without air or need of breath. Though not an evil deity, there was a feud at the time between Quetzlcoatl and Cihuacoatl (N goddess of earth, birth, and death), and the latter cursed their family with weakness against any of her minions or of the power of earth itself.

Necahual is built entirely unlike a woman. She is 5’8", and a very stocky, burly 181 pounds. She is very strong and hardy, and her martial focus takes advantage of her high stamina and ability to endure punishment. She always had to protect her little brother and help him along. Coanacoch, though a little better than the average person or warrior, didn’t really show any incredible talent as a temple warrior. Though taller than his sister, he is slighter of build (5’11", 170 lbs). For such a combat-focused profession as temple warrior, the relatively weak young man studied under those that focused on a much more mobile fighting style, for fear that he me might be laid low too easily.

Both of them have spent many, many long hours training together to be better in hand-to-hand combat than a like member of their peers. Necahual, specializes in standing firm and giving brutal, crushing assaults, though when she is planted her keen mind actually helps her fend off attacks, and to deny advantages sought by multiple skirmishers. Coanacoch is an extremely defensive combatant, focusing on quick strikes. He moves past the enemy deftly, and strikes a middle or back line, often setting up a more fluid but equally capable defensive wall. When the opportunity presents itself, he will then move out of line to a different target. Where his sister focuses on powering through defenses, Coanacoch uses the speed of a flying serpent to bypass an opponent’s skill to strike its target.



Average height and weight (for a halfling), but better toned than the typical happy-go-lucky members of his species. Dressed in a green robe with yellow trim, he carries no other objects – not even shoes. His only adorment is a tattoo on his right shoulder of a green shield depicting a ram’s horn filled with fruit.


Through both natural disposition and years of training, Ulyono has a cautious and considering curiosity rather than the impulsive curiosity of most halflings. He is, for the most part, not very social or quick-witted, and though slow to form relationships, the bonds formed run deep. Nothing is more important to him than protecting his family – especially halflings, but also including his adopted family at the monastery.


Ulyono lost his blood family to disease during adolescence, and was only saved himself by the just-in-time arrival of a Wayard Warden (a halfling priest of Yondalla, a wanderer dedicated to the protection of halfings) named Pelfin. During the recovery process, the priest took the time to get to know Ulyono and noted that his personality, while not comfortably fit for the care-free life of the typical halfling, was ideally suited fit for the role of protector.

After his recovery, Ulyono was ready to swear his life to the service of Yondalla and the protection of other halflings, but Pelfin, in his wisdom, decreed that he was not ready, and that he should first seek peace of mind and purity of body in preparation for receiving and channeling the divine spirit of Yondalla. He brought him to the Abbey of Azer’s Flame, where Unyolo swore a vow of poverty to avoid all distractions beyond the joy of the moment and the potential for future happiness for others.

His one trait that could be considered a vice (though he does not see it so) is his love of food. Though the disease that ravaged him left him with a sensitive stomach, he delights in preparing delicious meals from even the simple ingredients found in the monastery – occasionally to the stomach-grumbling annoyance of some of his fellow monks who perceive the enjoyment of good food as a distraction on par with that of wealth accumulation, an association that has never quite struck Ulyono as sensible.

He also delights in gift-giving, seeing his vow of poverty as an opportunity to better the lives of others more than as a charity obligation or form of self-sacrifice.


Vir sashi


A loner, prefer spending time thinking, doesn’t want to fight if he doesn’t have to and when he does, he holds back, afraid of his violent nature and what if he will enjoy hurting others. When he sops holding up, he becomes aggressive and goes all out, not caring about his life anymore. Believes in law and order as true form of justice and justice as the only way to attain happiness.


He was once a young man with weak psionic powers, who was kidnapped by Yuan-Ti and undergona failed transformation, losing his memory and becoming a Broodguard. Having new name, Vir-Sashi, given to him, he had become one of many front line warriors. After group of adventurers destroyed their nest, his masters ran away and he got separated from them and left alone in alien and strange land. He spend some time wandering around, attacking farms to steal food, until one day he was found by travelling master monk, Yago, who had beaten him effortlessly. Vir was sure he is going to die, but Zon started talking to him. He asked if he lives a good life. Does the service of his snake masters made him happy? Does hiding in the forest and terrorizing people to steal a chicken? Master Yago explained to him, that he won’t find happiness in his life, until he will embrace the justice. He felt a psionic talent in him, just like his only weaker and undeveloped. If he would sharpen his skill and willpower, he could become real hero – a “Friend of Justice”, living to bring order and happiness to the world. Having convinced Vir-Sashi to change his life, Yago had send him to a monastery managed by Yago’s old friend, where he can seek help on his path to surpassing his violent nature and becoming true “Friend of Justice”.

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