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Note: The wiki is the most important part, as it’s a great means to store/organize information. The Adventure Log is also nice for summarizing each day’s or adventure’s details for reference (and it can make a good read story-wise after a while). The Maps tab is a convenient place to store map graphics. The Characters pages suck – I usually just use wiki pages for them, or an external site (like

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Player Characters

PC Stats QuickRef
PC Fluff

Player Character Color Race Classes & Levels Alignment & Deity Description
Azoth Li ? Human Monk 2
Psychic Warrior 1
LG Male, 22, 5’10", 150lb
lostsole31 Coanacoch SeaGreen Air Human Monk 3 LG, Quetzlcoatl Male, 19, 5’11", 170lb
Man on Fire Vir-Sashi Dark Orange Broodguard Fighter 1
Monk 2
LN Male, 30
odigity Ulyono YellowGreen Halfling Monk 3 LG, Yondalla Male, 37, 3’1", 35lb
PSinger Necahual Sienna Air Human Monk 3 LN, Quetzlcoatl Female, 22, 5’8", 181lb
zever Han Chun Li Blue Human Monk 3 LG Male, 25

The World



Greyhawk Maps

Obscure D&D Information

  • Air Human [UA.16] – Do not breathe.
  • Broodguard [Mon.94] – Serpent folk descended from humans interbred with an ancient sauroid race. A near-mindless abomination; hairless creatures with emaciated bodies. Tough scaly skin smells faintly like rotting meat; beady, bloodshot eyes; forked tongue.

Intro Text

You all reside in the Abbey of Azer’s Flame, a monastery within a small city in the Abbor-Alz hills known as Durgeddinvale, so named after the famous dwarf who mined Stone Tooth Hill. Stone Tooth Hill, true to it’s name, resolutely stabs the western horizon like a great incisor. Its reddish rock seems blood-stained by the wound it jabs each evening into the setting sun as flame-burst clouds trickle from it across the darkening sky like rivulets of boiling blood. But even the shadow Stone Tooth Hill casts shrinks away in deference at the glorious image of the burning monument of Grandmaster Fargrim Dóteagmháil the Flame-Hand, founder of the Abbey of Azer’s Flame. Twenty feet tall and limned in an ever-burning fire, the monument greets all visitors and recruits at the foot of the cloister with its silent, stern visage and imposing form.

But once inside the courtyard of the monastery, it’s easy to see that its glory has faded over the years. Grandmaster Fargrim left a legacy that was not matched by the two sequential successors of the title and the monastery has suffered greatly from the weak leadership. A new era has begun however, with a new Grandmaster, Brottor “Ironhead” Balderk, who has invigorated the strength, pride, and tradition of the Abbey and has begun to restore hope to the Monks who reside therein.

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