Population: 1018 (Small City) integrated: 37% human, 20% dwarf, 18% gnome, 10% halfling, 7% elf, 5% half-elf, 3% half-orc
2 Days march south of Pontyrel in the Abbor-Alz Hills
Power Center: Conventional NN
Community Authorities:

Lord Jason Scott- (Human Aristocrat/Fighter) sustained an injury in combat against an orc raid when he fell off his horse, leaving his back stooped as if he were crouching. His face seems dark and brooding, but this is mostly due to the constant pain he is in due to his many injuries and increasing age. He is actually a good-natured man who seems to do what is best for his people. Captain Landon Silverstream- (Half-Elf Warrior) A notoriously lazy and flippant soldier who, through charming flattery and well-timed demonstrations of bravery has afforded himself the comfortable position of Captain of the Guard. He is well liked among most of the influential citizens of Durgeddinvale, but not well-respected by his own men, though whether he is aware of this fact, or simply unconcerned remains unknown.

Legal Issues:
Standard laws in the city, as well as standard corruption. 10% tax for all residents not living within the confines of the abbey. Those that live in the abbey are expected to contribute to it’s growth and development in some way though, either by tithing a portion of his/her found wealth when on missions for the abbey or by working the mines a certain number of hours per week. Failure to comply to tax laws could result in imprisonment. Failure to comply to monastic policy could result in reprimands of varying degree or excommunication from the order. Traitors or deserters from the monastery are put to death if captured.

Social Classes:
Upper Class- takes up the smallest percentage (less than 5%) of the population, since it’s largely a mining town. Those with wealth prefer to live somewhere more cosmopolitan, like Pontyrel.

Middle Class- More than half of the population (55%) is middle-class and account for the most racial diversity in the city.

Lower Class- The second largest group of the population. Most of these people are miners or laborers

Slaves- a few citizens of Durgeddinvale keep orcs and goblins who attempted to raid the city as slaves as a way for them to repay their debt to society. This practice is also shared by the monastery who take in criminals or monstrous raiders as indentured servants as a method of reformation and restitution for crimes committed. Some fallen monks who disgraced the monastery serve as indentured servants in the mines below the abbey. Once they are deemed properly reformed, they are set free to live their lives as they chose.

Religion: diverse

Magic: uncommon in the region, but not unheard of. (Analogy: magic users are about as rare to the people of Durgeddinvale as Ferrari owners are to us. You see one once in a while, but it’s not like there’s one on every block.)


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